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NUSA DUNAMIS: empowering island

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Islands (such as Bali, Rote, Sumba, & Timor) are the most affected areas by climate change. 
In April 2021, Seroja Tropical Cyclone has claimed 86 lives, 98 people missing, 146 people injured, and 2,683 people affected in Nusa Tenggara.
Through our products we want to arise awareness of what happens in the tropical islands due to climate change, and to make people love the nature, the culture, the people, and the islands. 
We are working on product innovation and market research. In the mid of 2022, we will be ready to launch the product from Indonesia!!

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Partners in Indonesia

Satya Wacana Christian University, Binus University, Semarang State University, Parahita, Indonesian Fashion Chamber, Susan Budihardjo Fashion School, Kedaireka, AKSI (Association of Home Industry) & BAPPEDA (Government Agency for Regional Development Planning, Research and Development).

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Will be available from 2022, e-mail us for a pre-order and information!

We are working with the universities in different islands in Indonesia, such as in Java, Bali, and Sumba (Nusa Tenggara). Each island has different tradition and unique product depending on the natural resources the island provides. Such as in Bali, flower and wood crafting is part of the culture but the flower and wood-waste is not used well. With a zero waste concept, our local artisans create new products from this waste.
In Java, Batik is a tradition that has been preserved by Javanese women for hundred of years. In Sumba, the traditional weaving technique that has also been preserved for hundreds of years using their simple bamboo tool and using their local plants to make the fabric. However, the modern textile industry can be a thread to this precious tradition. We aims to help the local artisans to preserve their culture. The universities have been working in innovation on natural dye (from plants, waste, and soil) to make various colours. With a zero waste concept, we help them to improve their design and product quality to be able to compete in the international market.

Earrings with stones
Earrings with stone
Earrings made from tenun waste
Earrings made from tenun waste
Earring from tenun waste (SUMBA)
Handmade Earings - weaved tenun with natural dye
Tenun Sumba
Weaved tenun SUMA - Scarf - natural dye
Weaved tenun Sumba - Scarf - natural dye
Handmade weaved tenun - scarf - natural dye
Weaved scarf - tenun SUMBA - with natural dye
Weaved tenun SUMBA - dress - with natural dye
Tenun Sumba, NTT
Tenun Sumba, NTT
Tenun Sumba, NTT
How Batik is written on fabrik
Javanese handmade written BATIK - natural dye, indigo
Written BATIK combined with eco printing using leaves - natural dye
Female overcoat, shirt & pants
Written Batik work wear, zero waste
Batik with natural dye (indigo)
Batik with natural dye (indigo)
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