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NUSA DUNAMIS believes in moving away from industrial manufacturing processes in order to support cultural diversity through handmade creations. Their initiative supports fair trade within indigenous communities, and through our products we aimed to arise awareness on how climate change affects people who live in small islands.

Our Mission: Our Mission
Image by mark chaves


Through our initiatives and by breaching the gap between the online market and the crafts of artisans from indigenous communities, we hope to help these individuals reach financial independence.


We believe in empowering and inspiring artisans women and farmers within indigenous cultures in order to help them reach their best potential. From outreach efforts to workshops, we do everything we can to help them move forward.

Image by Farhan Abas

All About Us

In 2021, we encountered an inspiring group of indigenous people and an idea was born: a way to combine our passion for culture, art, and concern for the environment with a desire to help those in need. Today, NUSA DUNAMIS continues to play a major role in the lives of indigenous artists, who are finding economic independence through the increasing popularity of their beautiful craft.

Our Mission: Our Story
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